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For several decades, the task of finding a repeatable, predictable process or methodology that would improve the productivity, quality and reliability of development. Some have tried to systematize and formalize this, apparently, unpredictable process. Others used to it project management methods and techniques of software engineering. Still others believed that without constant monitoring from the customer’s software development is getting out of control, eating up too much time and money.

Experience in managing development programs, reflected in relevant standards. If the design uses several standards and regulations, it makes sense to make a profile.

Computing as a discipline offers and uses based on the methods of structured programming technology for secure software development, using software testing and verification on the basis of evidence-based programming techniques to systematically analyze the correctness of algorithms and programming without algorithmic errors.

This methodology is aimed at solving problems on a computer, the same technology the development of algorithms and programs used at the Olympics Programming domestic students and programmers with testing and structured pseudocode to document the programs in IBM’s 70-ies.

The methodology of structural design software can be used with various programming languages ​​and tools for developing reliable programs for different purposes. One such project was the development of flight software for the space shuttle “Buran”, which was first used on-board computer for automatic control system, paid a successful launch and landing spacecraft.

When you select a software development methodology should be guided by the fact that the complexity of the methodology is comparable to the complexity of the structure of a software product and unjustified for the product of the complexity of the complexity of the methodology only unnecessarily increase the cost of development.